What happens when you get two business peopletogether, who are passionate about the community of Tampa, and are driven by the desire to help others? In July of 2020, Rich Del Rio and Juan Carlos Pinto founded Accident Agents, a leader in helping protect, heal, and advocate the rights of injured people by providing them with world-class legal and medical representation. Accident Agents is a case management firm that helps by connecting injured people with ethical representation and the finest in medical care in the community of Tampa Bay.

Providing our case management services for FREE, Accident Agents helps people defend their rights and get the compensation they deserve for their injuries. We are not an insurance group. We are not doctors. We are not lawyers. We are people who care about you and want to help navigate you through a traumatic experience and protect you in the process.

AA’s Mission to Help the Community

We have one simple mission: to connect you with practitioners that will provide the highest standard of care possible. They provide comprehensive programs so you may return to full function quickly and safely. Their credentials and reputation help obtain the highest of value to your personal injury claim.

Based on medical science and professional integrity –we connect practitioners to people who are injured.

We promise to put your health and personal injury claim needs above all else. Communication between you, medical providers, and your attorney is paramount in decision making on your plan of care. We will ensure this is done in a timely manner.

“We want to be the shining light to help you at a time where an accident can be a place and time of darkness,” says Mr. Del Rio.“You deserve to get better, to have the best doctors, and to have a partner to help you on the journey to wellness,” says Mr. Pinto.

Accident Agents is a true partner and we are ready to help you, 24/7. Contact us today!