Accident Agents celebrates 1 year of helping Tampa Bay

It’s official! On July 1st, 2021, Accident Agents celebrates its one-year anniversary since launching its company in beautiful Tampa Bay, Florida.

Accident Agents is a FREE case management company that has been disrupting the personal injury scene by taking a unique and personal approach to handling cases. From the client-facing relationships we have fostered, to the professional relationships we have with our medical and attorney networks, we are proud to have become a trusted resource in the community and an advocate for the rights of injured people. 


To date, Accident Agents has helped more than 250 clients in Tampa Bay, many of whom only speak Spanish, to navigate them through their personal injury cases.

“Our goal is to expand and help many more people who need our services,” says founder Juan Carlos Pinto, an influential member of the Hispanic community who retired from a leadership position in the finance industry to pursue this project. 

Richard Del Rio, Accident Agents’ founder, explains that Accident Agents has implemented other strategies in the past twelve months to increase growth and awareness. Del Rio’s 20-year background in personal injury, coupled with his involvement in the salsa community, has powered his passion for Accident Agents.

“We redeveloped and launched two new websites – one in English and one in Spanish – to better serve our clients and also to make sure they would be able to find us online,” he says. “We also have a Spanish and English Instagram and Facebook presence so we can help our clients better, especially through any language barriers which can be a challenge.”

From the new websites as a strong digital foundation, Accident Agents then began an aggressive outdoor advertising campaign to increase brand awareness and top of mind. From bus benches to shelters across the city, awareness grew and more people were able to get the help they needed. 

Big Steps 

On top of having an engaged, active social media presence and following, Accident Agents has recently launched a television advertising campaign in both English and Spanish to drive further growth and awareness of their services. 

“On top of that, we are proud to have added a full-time paralegal to our team, as well as invested in high-tech case management software to help our clients and partners through all aspects of our processes,” explains Mr. Pinto.

A Trusted Community Partner

“We truly love our community, our people, and we just want to help people who are injured and who don’t know who to turn to,” says Mr. Del Rio.

Accident Agents has also proudly supported more than a dozen community events that have lifted up the local Hispanic community and culture.

“In our second year, we hope to sponsor many more,” adds Mr. Pinto.

Accident Agents is a trusted community partner in many ways, and in its second year, hopes to expand its offerings and services to help people navigate the complexities of personal injuries and accidents. To learn more, call 1-866-AGENTE – help is available 24/7!