Accident Agents - Common Personal Injuries
If you’ve been hurt in a slip and fall accident or car crash, you may have a hard time getting basic services. If you can’t walk, it’s difficult to get to the doctor or consult with an attorney. With the help of a personal agent, you can learn more about your rights and receive the care you need through Accident Agents.

We don’t have a hidden agenda — we know that’s hard to believe! We just want to defend people who need help the most. Some of our clients are too sick or hurt to stand up for their rights. Others may not speak English fluently. If this describes you or someone you love, we can and will help!

Auto Accident Injury

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there are nearly 7 million motor vehicle accidents every year in the US. That’s probably why car accident injuries are the main type of personal injury. If you need legal representation, Accident Agents can connect you with a reputable attorney specializing in drunk driving, reckless driving, or other personal injury cases similar to yours.

Other Common Personal Injuries

If you have suffered injury or illness due to the negligence of a coworker, doctor, driver or other person, you deserve compensation, starting with medical and legal representation. Common personal injuries include head, knee, elbow, neck, back and other injuries that occur as the result of someone else’s actions or negligence.

How Accident Agents Can Help

Accident Agents can lend a hand in three distinct ways, case management, legal representation and medical administrative assistance.

  • Case Management. We make sure that you and your attorney have your medical practitioners’ notes, diagnostic tests and other crucial information needed to settle your case quickly.
  • Medical Treatment. Interventional pain management and conservative medical therapies can help you receive customized care plans that target your specific injuries. This could help you avoid invasive surgery or other procedures and heal more quickly. Accident agents also have a network of chiropractors and physical therapists who take a proactive role in patient care.
  • Legal Representation. We can connect you to personal injury attorneys, but we don’t stop there. Serving as your personal agent, we will liaise between you and the attorney’s office to make sure that your case proceeds smoothly.
  • If you’re hurting and feel alone, we want to hear from you. Let us serve as your personal agent and help you navigate complex legal and medical issues related to your case. Once again, our services are free. So, you have nothing to lose and much to gain.

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