Hurricane Season in Florida: How to Drive Safely

Hurricane season in Florida can be a treacherous time for drivers, even if they aren’t directly in the path of the storm. These conditions can easily increase the chances of being involved in an accident, even for the most cautious and experienced driver.

Today, we’re looking at Florida driving tips, helping you stay safe this hurricane season.

Stay Off the Road

The best tip for staying safe on the roads during Florida hurricane season is to simply stay off them unless it’s an emergency.

Maintain Safe Distances

The general rule of thumb is to stay several car lengths from the person in front of you, and it’s especially true during ultra-rainy conditions. If you must drive, make sure to keep plenty of space between you and other drivers. When passing, be sure to leave plenty of space before emerging.

Remain Calm

No matter what happens on the road, hurricane conditions aren’t the time for road rage. Even if you’re an excellent driver, don’t get overconfident – you never know how inexperienced the drivers around you are.

If You Spin Out…

Slick roads make it easy to spin out, and most people panic in these situations. If you feel your car slipping or sliding, avoid slamming on the breaks. Instead, take your foot off the gas and try to coast through the spin.

“Turn Around, Don’t Drown”

Have you heard this saying? If not, you should commit to memory. If you can’t see the pavement because of water on the road, don’t attempt to drive on it. Instead, turn around and seek a different route.

Understand Intersections and Right-of-Way

If there is a malfunctioning light at an intersection, such as a blinking red or yellow, or one that’s out of order, then treat the intersection as you would a 4-way stop, knowing who has the right of way.

What To Do If I Am Injured In an Accident?

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